The FestAvi was an incredible sight to see

17 la finale
Tonight I got the pleasure of witnessing one of the most amazing virtual and visual art performances I have ever seen, FestAvi La Finale. Cherry Manga for the last four years has asked the Opensimulator community to create two avatars. She then creates a region sized performance to showcase the avatars. At the end of the show you can teleport to see and get a copy of the free avatars.
Cherry Manga, Nino85 Whitman and the avatar contributors create something incredible. The mixture of sound, animation, NPCs and changing and shifting the landscape and the objects on it created a highly immersive virtual experience. I tip my hat in admiration to all involved.
Seeing the show three times today it is really important that you set your viewer up using the recommended settings displayed on the landing point. The first two times I missed allot of the environment changes that I saw on my third viewing.
If you were unable to attend the actual performance today then fear not the region (address below) is now setup for you to start the show yourself using a chat command in local. This is how I got to watch it third time this evening and while I was there I filmed the whole thing which was so much fun. you can see the full video below.
Avatars: Caro Fayray, Cherry Manga, JadeYu Fhang, Leighton Marjoram, Lucy Afarensis, Meilo Minotaur, Sunbeam la finale
Music: “Rolemusic” by Keiken_soku, “nichi-ren-chant” by gezortenplotz, “Triumphal Procession A” by Lobo Loco, “Aliens by Deep Dark, “Superconnected sleep” by Soft and Furious,
“Alchemy”-”Chains”-”Glitch”-”Widow”-”Pricilla”-”Stella”-”NoWay”-”Fireworks” by Cherry Manga
Scripts by Nino85 Whitman. Builds by Cherry Manga — (scene Forest Fae and Leprechaun with freebies from hypergrid)
I highly recommend that you go and see this up close because the video does not show the scale of this region and performance. Thank you Cherry Manga and all that make FestAvi what it is and for doing the FestAvi every year and it is sad that this will be the last year and I am glad that I got the chance to contribute to it.
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