Brand new home for HG Traveller

Over 2 weeks ago the news that google+ was turning of the lights by next summer I have been exploring different alternatives and moving my hypergrid destinations posts from g+. There is almost 4 years worth of content there and I would like to conserve as much of as I can. While exploring alternatives and talking with friends it came up in discussion why dont you setup a region/standalone and from that what has happened is this ... 


In no particular order, I purchased a domain name called, got a small server, install Opensimulator, joomla, jopensim, the oslogin splash screen and a few other things. HG Traveller now has a new website with all the content from G+ imported, made presentable and HG Traveller also has its own grid with one region. the aim of the region is that there will be teleporters to destinations based on the content of the website.

HG Traveller

Opensimulator exploring, one region at a time. I really enjoy travelling to different grids and seeing the creations of other people meeting and making friends as I go. | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.