What are the featured posts

*Cue fanfare* Fellow Opensimulator community members, Hypergrid, lords, ladies and gentlemen i have announcement to make. As some of you may already now I have spent the last week and a half website wrangling and grid constructing.
It started with a domain name called hgtraveller.com and here we are at this point and the website is done, the grid and region are up and hypergrid accessible. Now is the time for somehow to instructions on how things work.
From the website (list of paragraphs):
  1. On the front page of the site below the slider you will find the featured posts 
  2. Each has a coloured background that correspond to the inworld featured post teleporter [white, red, green, purple]
  3. Then log in to your home grid and follow the next set of instructions
From inworld (list of paragraphs): 
  1. Teleport to hgtraveller.com:8002 from your home grid you will land in the center of the region and the four featured destination are around you. 
  2. Each has a colour associated with it, white, green, purple and red. In front of the teleporter you will see a sign with three w's click on it to open a link to the article on the website.
  3. Walk into the teleporter and you will arrive at the destination
I will be adding a further video to this post in the next cue of days that will explain how the other teleporter s on the region work and how they link with the articles on the website.
HG Traveller

Opensimulator exploring, one region at a time. I really enjoy travelling to different grids and seeing the creations of other people meeting and making friends as I go. 

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