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In this post we continue our journey and meet another person of interest [POI] from the hypergrid community, Kazuko Yoshida the owner of The KazGrid. Our paths first crossed whilst at one of the events on the Opensim Life grid and we friended. One evening with some spare time on my hands whilst putting together a region on my grid I decided to venture over and take a look around TheKaz grid.

To my surprise at the welcome there stood Kazuko Yoshida and we started chatting and I asked if they would like to do an article together and this post is the result. As always I sent five questions for Kazuko Yoshida to answer and below you will find the answers to my questions. With introductions and the scene set lets get started with the interview.
My first question is a scene setter and aims to put the interview in context "how long have you been around virtual worlds and opensimulator?"
I used to play on IRC all the time - and in my job as a web programmer I was literally getting very bored with computers.  Someone in IRC mentioned to me about SL and I joined in 2011, got the bug and just havent stopped - everyday something about this software and VR just amazes me
Now that a little bit of context has been laid out we move on to ask "tell me about Kaz grid?"
Well...TheKaz grid came about simply because I could.  I saw it as a challenge and I like a challenge.   My Long time SL friend and I were bored with costs and rp in SL so we joined 3RG - and then I decided I could do this myself, and gave it ago.  I can remember my 2 good SL friends and I first logging into the single pimple region that would later become TheKaz.  We were all opensim ruths...it was an awful experience :)

TheKaz Grid is nothing special - its like alot of other grids I suppose - its there 24/7 - for anyone who wishes to use it - and - I try to maintain it and improve it all the time.  My focus is to make friends, learn all I can, have alot of fun, while providing a stable grid for myself & people to use - and I HAVE learned SO much in the nearly 3 years TheKaz has been live, and made many friends too.
This is going well, we have a little history, a little about the grid my third question is focused on the present "What are you currently working on?"
I am continuing to upgrade TheKaz grid to try get it as useable as possible - so the past 6 months I have been testing different styles of architecture - for example which machine to run Robust on, etc - different versions of opensim also - that has been successful in the main with much faster rez times for avatars & mesh.  TheKaz Grid will continue to improve with upgrading of hardware etc over time.

Other continuing projects are a combat meter- I have one which works, but its not working well enough yet - that is continuing but on the back burner - another is working on a canoe and raft for our Gorean Region which has alot of waterways.  Finally is the website - its useable and functional, but looks awful and is poorly designed - it was a sundays effort to get that up, so I want to get a much better website going.
My fourth question is something that I have asked all my interviewees and I am always interested in the answer to it, "What could you not be without in your inventory in Opensimulator?"
This is a really difficult question actually and I spent a fair amount of time thinking about that - If you asked my SL avatar this question she would say her coffee mug grins  TheKaz inventory - that which I MOST use is the Boom Tree and Forest Oaks - of course - my avatar would be the most important to me as I spent a good time on setting her up...thank god for Ruth2.
My main aim to these interviews is to introduce a person or grid and to try to use their own words so you the reader gets to know them directly rather than through my eyes. This always leads to this final question "What else would like people to know about?"
We have various regions - sailing/flying areas in the 'mainland' group of regions,  a Large Gorean Continent, and of course there are private islands also. I like to think I am very flexible with what people want. I am not skilled at promoting things and my graphic art ability sucks.

I enjoy building, scripting, meeting and being with friends, and generally relaxing.  I would be really pleased to have residents who wish to run Clubs or groups and other events etc in TheKaz Grid.
Some links with detail and pictures of the grid can be found here
Thank you Kazuko Yoshida for taking part and answering my question much appreciated and I hope that my readers feel like, as always that they know a little more about Kazuko Yoshida and TheKaz grid. You can visit the grid by using the hypergrid address above and say hell to Kazuko if they are about. 

The next interview hopefully will be with either Mal Burns from Metaworld News or Shaun Emerald from the Santuary Grid (whichever of them gets back to me first). If you have any suggestions about who to interview please use the contact form to let me know giving me at least some contact details of the person you suggest. Thank you for reading and this is me signing of until next time.
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