POI Moonlight and sparkles — Luna Lunaria

My next person of interest (POI) is an incredible building and content creator in both Second Life and Opensimulator, Luna Lunaria. I have a few pieces by Luna on my regions and they are incredible. As always I asked Luna 5 questions and below you will find the replies I got and some pictures taken on the Lunaria region on Opensim Life.

Then a year ago, some friends talked me into trying a new grid one more time, and we ended up settling on Opensim Life run by Bill Blight, who is hands down the most attentive grid owner that I’ve ever known. He has created a unique environment that has blossomed into a beautiful collaborative experience with the enclave of artists who make their home there.

My first question to Luna is a fairly standard opening question for all my POI pieces “ Tell me a little about your history in virtual worlds generally and Opensimulator specifically?

Luna: My virtual life began on 2006 in Second Life, where for the last 12 years I have focused primarily on creating content for my store Lunaria Emporium in world and on the Second Life Marketplace. The focus there has been on making things that I wanted to use for my own virtual home. Over the last 8 years, though, I attempted to explore creating in opensim worlds, excited by the prospect of creating a much larger and more immersive experience. The first two of those ventures fell prey to grids that were not well managed and eventually failed, causing me to lose all of my work on both occasions. So, for 4 years, I essentially abandoned opensim out of disillusionment.

Knowing that Luna is a content creator and having been shown around some of the works in progress it seemed that my next question almost certainly had to be “As a content creator what are you currently working on?”

Luna: Currently, I am working on a variety of creative endeavors: my region Lunaria, which is an artistic exploration of spirituality, light, and reflection; Camelot, which is a 4-sim build celebrating the Arthurian story cycle; Lunaria Emporium, an in-world store that will be accessible to the hypergrid; and a novel called Eos Renascent, which I am sharing with a writers group on Naras Nook at Greyville on Tuesday evenings as I write each chapter.

My next question asked about favourite things and Luna replied in a way that points to creative inspiration which would have made a better question in hindsight. “If you could pick two favourite objects, buildings or structures what would they be and why?

Luna: I am inspired by a variety of influences both real and virtual. The first virtual places that excited me were the Cathedral at the Isle Of Wyrms, and the Avilion ballroom. I love Bryn Oh’s Immersive experiences in Second Life in the way they combine artistry and lighting to tell stories.
I am heavily influenced by ancient Greek and Roman architecture, so you can see that expressed at Lunaria. The one building I would love to recreate here would be the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. That would be such a wonderful venue for all kinds of virtual events.

Being that we are on the same grid my next question was about an event “ I know that you have an event coming up soon, the opening of the Aeroclub on your region Lunaria could you give some details about that?”

Luna: The Aeroclub was a fun, spur-of-the-moment project to build a glittering concert venue that floats about 100M above the main region of Lunaria (grid.opensim.life:8002:Lunaria). Our first concert will be on Friday the 13th of July at 7pm PDT, and will feature a live performance by our very own Singergirl Mode. The musical theme is disco and dress is casual, with bits covered. These Friday concerts are always such great fun on our grid.

My last question is always an open ended invitation to ask what else Luna would like us to know “Any final comments or things you would like people to know?”

Luna: My favorite quote these days is from Neil Gaiman: “The one thing you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.”

I would like to thank Luna for giving me this opportunity to get to know a little more about them. I enjoy finding out about the person behind the objects and content that I cherish and am looking forward to the Aeroclub Opening it is an incredibly sparkly and well built club.

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