The Fantastical Realm of Mythos

As soon as I saw the Mythos region on OSGrid by my dear friend Cataplexia Numbers I knew instantly that this was going to have to be one of the featured destinations on HG Traveller. If you want a beautiful and educational refresher course for myths and legends this region will help.

The good thing and what I think is a nice touch is you can click some of the myth models and they will give you an information notecard (get the information card when you first arrive and this will give you further details).

I was fortunate enough as well to ask Cataplexia some questions which she kindly responded too. I hope you enjoy this region as much as I do. Thoughout the article click the images to see them in a lightbox).
Mythos is a beautiful 3x3 VAR Region which celebrates Myth, Legend & Magical Creatures, Mostly those of Mythology. Mythos is Owned & Created by Cataplexia Numbers and offers a visual, educational and entertainment experience you will be sure to enjoy alone, on a date or with friends!

There are many places to explore and learn throughout the region while enjoying the beauty of it's grounds, parks, and mysterious waters!
Mythos is a very large region and to find your way around Cataplexia has created a poster that when you click will give you a folder with information and a whole bunch of landmarks. You can get them at HG Traveller at the teleporter for Mythos or you can get them on the region on the docks near where you land.

Here are some of the places you can visit on Mythos: Cafe' Mythos, Aphrodites's Ballroom, Dionysus' Den Playhouse & Live Performance Theater, The Pearl Talisman, Venus's Playpen - Spa & Wellness Center, Mythos Weddings by Alternate Metaverse, Triton's Undersea Cove & Undersea World, Unicorn Island  & The Home of Pegasus, Hera's Haven Park, The Fountains Of Fantasy Tales, Gaia's Gate Park, The Fairy Pond @ The Fountains Of Fantasy Tales

Tell me about how Mythos came in to being?

I have always found fantasy, legends and mythology to be very intriguing subjects and have been a fantasy creator in the virtual world for a long time now.! When you use that little bit of extra imagination that fantasy and magic allow for, creations take on new form and color!

When we talked about Mythos you described to me the huge amount of work gone into the build could you tell me a little about the building process for Mythos?

The build process for Mythos actually began years back on the now closed InWorldz grid when a former partner, Scott Carpaccio invited me to join his project of recreating Logos Harbor, Greece. I loved Greek architecture and studied every inch of Logos, recreating many of the builds along the harbor, and adding in a few of my own creations, one of them was Cafe' Mythos.

When the relationship ended, i left all the builds for Scott to keep and use there except for Cafe' Mythos, which was special to me.. After restarting my life in OpenSim, I also recreated Cafe' Mythos, remembering well how the build was made and using all the custom textures i had created for it. It kind of sat in my pocket for awhile speaking to me. It belonged in a world of mythology and was my starting point of Mythos.

What would you like people to know about Mythos?

I believe in sharing knowledge as much as possible in the virtual world. It is great to see all the steps people take in bringing education to this platform. I have been educating people for years here on Chakra Awareness, which i have incorporated into the "Venus's Playpen - Spa & Wellness Center" build on Mythos.

I decided to continue education there by bringing the statues to life - Filling them with notecards filled with information of where each god, goddess or mythological creature fits into myth and legend. As you explore Mythos you will find at many of the teleport areas a statue you may click for information. I did not build the statues themselves but used ones I have found on my travels and added fantasy backdrops and scenery.

Waves...big hug, TY for this!

Any other things you would like people to know about?

Mythos is meant to be a place where your imagination is stimulated as the real world slips away. Enjoy it and visit as often as you like! Bring friends and take photos as you like.

If you wish to perform there, hold weddings or parties there or special events, please do contact me as i would love to accommodate you!

Other regions i have created on OS Grid include: Summervale, Wintervale, Indigo, Koryphon, Meow, and my free home regions Marune and MaruneBeach. Leighton, i thank you for helping me bring Mythos to life by sharing it pubicly.


Mythos is an incredible region and an amazing featured post to start 2019 with the shere scale and creativity is staggering and a must see. Cataplexia has a created an evocative and provocative region and to really appreciate the whole region I feel it is going to take a few more visits. Use the teleporters that you will find at different places throughout the region. 

Thank you Cataplexia for Mythos and your creativity the hypergrid is richer place for it and I look forward to attending some of the events that you hope to hold on Mythos.
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