Opensimworld [Metropolis]

Having restored my grid a fresh I decided to update to the newest version of Satyrs farm. I headed over to the OpenSimWorld region on the Metropolis grid to grab the package. When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised that the space theme has given way to a version of Satyrs Minoa build and is a really atmospheric build.

When you land to your right you will find the Opensimworld beacan package, the eas NPC package and a chess board game. Heading down the stairs directly in front of you is the farming objects, the package with the complete set in it and some NPC characters for the farm. 

Other destinations with farms 
Don't forget to check out the teleporters by the farm a selection of destinations that have farms. They are incredible regions and they include Priape, Tromso, IMA Ayres farm, Singa and a few other places well worth visiting. 

Opensimworld website
Another useful resource is the Opensimworld directory where you can find destinations that have the beacon on their region. You can find out about events and where they are happening. 

Opensimworld discord server
Opensimworld and the user community have a discord server you can join to click this link [here] and follow the instructions. 

If you havent tried out the farm yet, you really should its fun to play and addictively interactive. For more information about the Satyr Farming system visit the website [Satyr Farming]. That should get you started, have fun fellow Opensim hypergridders and budding virtual world farmers. Click the images below view the larger images.
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