Ozone SimGear region [OSGrid]

Headed over to the Ozone region on OSGrid and I was impressed I had to take some pictures. The region is adult so no blushing please, we’ve all lathered up an NPC or two in a Jacuzzi. There are a few freebies and links to the SimGear content on the Kitely market.
From the OpensimWorld page:SimGEAR Space Port features a State of the Art Night Club, Diner, Photo Studio, PREMIUM Freebies, Adult Furniture, Genitalia, 500+ Animation BDSM Dungeon and MORE! Visit our CLONE ROOM for our NPC workshop. Check back often, we are always adding content. Ozone is LGBT friendly, everyone is WELCOME
HG Traveller

Opensimulator exploring, one region at a time. I really enjoy travelling to different grids and seeing the creations of other people meeting and making friends as I go. 

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