POI: Bill Blight [OpenSim Life]

For the second Person Of Interest [POI] I would like to introduce a close friend and the owner of my home grid OpenSim Life. Bill is a well known or at least heard of person in relation to Opensimulator and his skills with scripting and grid administration are beyond question.
Started in SL before it was SL, still not sure how I got an invite to Linden World, but <shrug>. I owned a few regions in SL for a while, ran some Gorean sims, ran a club on the mainland, just kind of had fun.
Then the drama, the bloat, the nonsense in my opinion crept into SL, and that is when I moved to Opensimulator. Ran various private grids for a while, then in December 2016 built OpenSim Life.
Leighton: what is OpenSim Life?
Bill: OpenSim Life, is the embodiment of all things social and accepting about virtual worlds. We accept people for who they are, or WHAT they want to be. The motto says it all “Social not Stuff”, we want a family, we want friend to be doing things with friends. Sitting at home on your private parcel sorting your inventory and making shopping lists has no place here, HAHAHA.
We want friends to get together, and do things. We never plan on being a BIG grid, we just want family and fun.

Leighton: What opensim projects are you working on at the moment?

Bill: Well mainly building my Bunker, but once that is done, and I script the new adventure game. I may finally focus on my “Dragon Riders of Pern” inspired regions.

Leighton: What opensim related projects are you working (osCore2 and the GDPR project)?

Bill: Well, I have osCore2 which is a fork of the httptests branch of the Opensimulator core, it has some of my own personal tweaks, but is essentially the same thing and compatible. I did opensource a version of the GDPR auth for Opensimulator, it works, just needs to be beautified.

Also I just started playing around with some viewer source code, not far along yet, but just plan on personal tweaks and adjustments.

Leighton: What is your favourite thing in your inventory at the moment?

Bill: My Evil Genius Outfit, my Bot Control Hud, with mini nuke. My Borg Fighter.
Well I feel like I know Bill and OpenSim Life a little bit more and that is the whole aim of the Person Of Interest articles. You can find Bill on Google+ here and through the OpenSim Life website.

Leighton: Any other things you would like people to know about?

Bill: Well, sometimes I am hard to take, I speak my mind, but I just want everyone to have a good time. I hate it when “NON-issues” and DRAMA creep into the scene. Virtual worlds are not about where you are from, what grid you live on, or what you are in the real world. Virtual worlds should be about being who you want to be, with the people you want to be with.

Leighton: Two favourite pictures of a virtual world environment?

HG Traveller

Opensimulator exploring, one region at a time. I really enjoy travelling to different grids and seeing the creations of other people meeting and making friends as I go. 

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