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Getting to know people out here in Opensim can be difficult as we are scattered across many grids and communities. To make things a little easier and make Opensim feel a little more accessible I have been interviewing different people from different grids. This interview is with Snik Snoodle from the Sniky grid. A fellow UK based grid owner, blender guru and Opensim wrangler.

There are lots of regions to check out and to check them out open your map (ctrl+m) I include pictures of the Snikygrid Welcome, Sandbox, Avalon and Home of Merci regions.
Leighton: How long have you been around virtual worlds?
I've been in virtual worlds around twelve years, having started in SecondLife (SL) in 2006. Though after discovering OpenSimulator (OpenSim) shortly thereafter, I only stayed in SL a couple of years and subsequently outgrew SL and moved to OSGrid, Inworldz and The Great Canadian Grid (GCG).
Leighton: Tell me about SnikyGrid?
Snikygrid has been online for a little under two and a half years, and previously was know as OneMoreGrid (OMG). Owned and operated by myself and my parther Pheonix Renfold. Snikygrid is primarily an adult, non-commercial grid (in so much as we have no currency system).

Snikygrid is primarily a grid for good friends, and as such local accounts are only available by invitation, or in the case someone wishes to rent a sim from us. However, quarter sim parcels are availble to rent for HyperGridders, which may include a choice of fully furnished houses and beautifully landscaped garden, thanks to the noteable creative skills of Pheonix!

We're HyperGrid enabled so people can visit, anytime they want. We have navigable ocean sims across the grid, so people can come try their hand at sailing if their brave enough! We also have some of my mesh freebies I've created available in Home of Merci sim.
Leighton: Tell me a little about the weekly blender class that you are running on SnikyGrid?
I've always been an advocate of Open Source software, such as GNU/Linux, Blender, Inkscape and GIMP and often hear from others that Blender is difficult to learn and use, so I've taken it upon myself to offer some basic Blender beginner classes, which take place on Thursday evenings around 9pm GMT, (or 1pm SLT) at Snikygrid Sandbox.

Usually, I live stream via Youtube at the same time, so videos of what's covered in class are available after the event too, should anyone miss the class or wish to re-watch exactly what transpired.

More information available here
Leighton: Any other things that you would like people to know?
In order to offset some the running costs of Snikygrid, I offer professional OpenSim grid admin and creation services, and have done for for some time. Some of the OpenSim grids I've set up and/or administered are: Clutterfly World, TAG, Discovery Grid, and Virtual Learning Village.

Some of my technical OpenSim material is availble on github, which currently includes OpenSim GNU/Linux server set-up instructions and a PHP powered grid map. More information available here


Thank you Snik for answering my questions and hopefully people feel that they know you a little more. Highly recommend going over to the Sniky grid and say hello to Snik and Phe I always feel welcome when I visit and very much enjoy attending the Blender basics classes.
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