[Savvy - Bubblesz Grid]

Time for a shopping region, a wide range of things for your avatar and are all full mesh. There are male and female clothes and accessories and there are a few things that you can use with the Ruth mesh avatar. For the men you will find jeans, boots, sweaters, hoodies and some accessories. For the women you will be able to get a copy of ruth as well as dressed, skirts, full outfits, shoes, boots and sport style clothing. 

Dont forget to take a look around the rest of the region as you will find unique mesh objects all made by the Taarna Welles. Thank you to +Taarna Welles for a stunning region and incredible range of mesh content for avatars. I for one appreciate your effort and gifts to the metaverse.   

"Savvy is a medieval/steampunk themed Var-region. You will find a lot of freebies and the new La Baronnie, free rigged and fitted mesh shoes, free men's clothing and accessories and art. All mesh."

A very useful resource for finding regions on the Hypergrid is called Opensimworld and you can visit the Savvy page by clicking here.
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