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For this Person Of Interest post I am delighted to introduce the wonderfully talented and multi skilled SingerGirl Mode. I have known SingerGirl Mode for a while and she is both an incredibly talented performer (in Opensimulator and Second Life), creator and owner of Inspiration Island (which I wrote about here) on the Opensim Life grid and a programmer (3DWebWorldz).

As usual I asked SingerGirl Mode five questions and below are her responses to those questions in her own words. by the end of the post you will know a little more about SingerGirl Mode.

So lets get down to the business at hand.


My first question is always a historical one putting the person in context “how long have you been around virtual worlds?”

I was invited to sing and play guitar with a performer on Second Life in 2007 which was great fun and my first eye-opening experience into virtual worlds. My real life performance schedule, however, kept me from returning until 2014 where I began exploring building, teaching, networking and performing on a full-time basis.
Since that time, I have met some amazing people and had incredible experiences. I still perform and enjoy Second Life, but I now have a home-base on OpenSim.Life which affords me the “home-town” feeling of community I enjoy so much. Grid owner, Bill Blight, helped me create Inspiration Island (learn more at Inspiration-Island.com). The island, the entirety of OpenSim.life Grid, and the OpenSim Community have opened my eyes to the power of virtual worlds. Anything is possible.
Since crossing over the open waters into the hypergrid, I have truly enjoyed meeting and being surrounded by a number of creative artists. Not only have I enjoyed working there as a musician, but also collaborating with builders, scripters, teachers, artists and writers. It is truly a “think outside the box” type of environment.
SingerGirl mode is a very talented and prolific performer in virtual worlds and it would be a strange interview if I did not ask her about it “Would you tell me about your performing in virtual worlds?”
Performing in virtual worlds has been a real thrill for me. Honestly, I didn’t recognize the opportunity on my first visits in 2007, but upon my return began performing with great zeal. In those days it wasn’t unusual for me to perform 20+ shows a week. That number usually has people dropping their jaw, but in reality, that is the equivalent of five four-hour gigs in real-life. *winks
Working as a professional performer since the early 1990s, my relocation to a small town where the performance opportunities were quite limited had me concerned; but, virtual world performances quickly filled the gap.
One of the things I enjoy about performing in-world is the ability to be more intimate with the audience. I also enjoy the variety. In one day I might find myself doing an hour of jazz, an hour of country and an hour of rock and roll. That’s not something that generally happens on a real world stage.
As well as being a part of the Opensimulator community SingerGirl Mode is also the creator and programmer for a new virtual world in a browser system called 3D Web Worldz and 3D Portals. My third question was “tell me about 3DWW (3DWebWorldz)?”

3D WebWorldz is definitely at the top of my list for current passion and focus. One of the things that has been a challenge since joining the virtual world ranks was overcoming two things: 1) the idea that virtual worlds are only a gaming environment and 2) individuals finding the application download/setup a bit too complicated. I have found these two roadblocks to be a bit frustrating, especially in the teaching and performance world.

With recent advancements in technology, we can now build 3D Experiences right in the web browser. Since I am a geek at heart and over my life have learned many computer languages for…er fun, I jumped into these new browser abilities with both feet. 3DWebWorldz is still in its infancy, but we have made great strides. Currently we have about thirty public regions that anyone can visit from a web browser. We have two focus ideas:

  1. 3DPortals.com — these are focused on solo experiences and would be considered more like 3D websites. Anyone can drop in and spend a day wandering around our art galleries, visiting our school and self-learning educational opportunities, etc. No log-in or download is required for 3D Portals.
  2. 3DWebWorldz.com would be considered a virtual world in a browser. You have an avatar representation that can be customized, you can talk in voice, personal instant messages, group conversations, world chat and much more. You can also build your own region. 3DWebWorldz does require a log in function — you can register or enter immediately as a guest.
Everything is done right in your web browser (we recommend Chrome first, then Firefox..make sure they are updated for the best experience).
Overall, creating this new and unique environment has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I enjoy working hands-on with all interested parties to hear their ideas, along with observing what would make it easier for them. As a result, 3dWebWorldz tool improvement and advancement often occurs on a daily basis. Finding that comfortable place in the middle where both knowledgeable virtual worlders and those that have had no experience at all, can enjoy the 3DWebWorldz journey, is important to me. With that in mind, many of the tools provided are similar in nature to opensim and SecondLife. Of course, it is a web browser, not a software application, so there are also some differences in operation. Regardless, thus far our users have provided positive feedback and the excitement among our users is growing.
In the future I hope that 3DWebWorldz provides opportunities for artists, teachers, musicians, writers, businesses, webinars, etc., that were previously unavailable. While it does stand on its own as an individual platform, I also see it as a doorway to opensim. We currently have “mirror” builds and an outpost for Inspiration Island that teaches individuals how to take the next level leap into virtual worlds.
I could talk for hours on this topic, but perhaps I should just invite your readers to come check it out. Would love to hear any feedback, both positive and constructive, on the experience.(https://3dwebworldz.com and https://3dportals.com)
In closing on this topic, I would like to provide an example of how these environments can be used by anyone. Check out the art gallery at https://Evie-Art.com. This is a 3DWebWorldz embedded into my own website. The experience on this site requires no login, it is just a drop in. It is also found on 3DWebWorldz.com where a community event could be organized. Anyone that has a website, could have a similar immersion experience. If you are interested, give me a shout. Would love to brainstorm with you.
My next question is a fun one and I love to hear what people say in reply to this question “what could you not be without in your inventory in Opensimulator?"
Hmm…that’s a tough one. I’m not really “stuff” oriented and find it amusing that this is the toughest question to answer! My first thought was my friend’s list (is that even an inventory item?), the second was my texture library, and my third thought was my roller skates and skating AO. Nothing like rollerskating across the open world.
Any other comments or things you would like people to know?
I am really fortunate in my life that I get to wear a lot of different hats and work in many different creative fields…I’m always brainstorming on a new “crazy” idea, so that is a loaded question!
I guess, relevant to your other questions, is that 3DWebWorldz and OpenSim.Life have really allowed me to connect with creative artists I never would have met elsewhere. I’m extremely thankful. It has allowed me to really pursue one of my personal dreams that used to sit quietly on the sidelines: writing.
On Mondays I meet with writers that have a base meeting at Nara’s Nook on Greyville Grid, but are currently expanding into 3DWebWorldz with writer experiences in a MYST-like environment. My time here focuses on 3D building, programming 3DWebWorldz, and scripting to suit their needs. It is an absolute joy to see their ideas come to life.
On Tuesdays I meet with a writer group on Nara’s Nook where we share chapters and discuss our writing techniques, successes and challenges. We also meet every Wednesday On https://3DWebworldz.com where we do a variety of exercises, topic discussions and writing blitzes for discussion and commentary.
I joined this group after taking ten years to publish my first novel. They have helped me find the confidence and courage to pursue this dream further. Since joining two years ago, I have completed two additional novels and am well into my fourth.


Thank you to SingerGirl Mode for agreeing to answer my questions and for the detailed and thought out answers. I feel I got to know a lot more about SingerGirl and hopefully you dear readers do too.
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