Spellmongers [Kitely]

Found a gem of a region called Spellmonger [Owner: Rose Jung Group: Spellmongers] on Kitely. Landing in a cornfield the size of the region is concealed but as you start moving more and more of the region unfolds in front of you.

As you make your way around the region you will find houses in beautifully landscaped scenes, there is a fishing dock, art in a garden area, steampunk balloons in the sky and a couple of castles.

I did not get to see all of the region in detail and will be back to explore further. Click the images below to see a larger version of the thumbnail.
[quote taken from About Land Tab]
Art Gallery, Photo studio, Ballroom, Tranquility, Stunning scenery, Fabulous walking, Secluded coves, delightful creeks, Wooded countryside.
HG Traveller

Opensimulator exploring, one region at a time. I really enjoy travelling to different grids and seeing the creations of other people meeting and making friends as I go. 

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