A collection of videos I create inspired by the amazing, creative and talented content and region creators out here in Opensimulator.

How to use the featured posts

Created a short video explaing how the coloured featured posts on the front page of the site relates to the teleporters on the HG Traveller grid. Traveller

Cyberpunk [Francogrid]

Made a new video today of the Cyberpunk region on Francogrid by Cherry manga.

AvatarFest 2018 the final act

This weekend [5-7th October] the final AvatarFest took place. This is one of my favourite events in Opensimulator for one simple reason, seeing the creative community effort from the exhibitors.

DJ Cataplexia Bellydancing [OSGrid]

Went over today for Belly dancing with Cataplexia Numbers on the Koryphon I region on OSGrid. I

Labyrinth [Wickenshire East — OSGrid]

Wickenshire East on OSGrid has a Labyrinth, it is amazingly well built and a highly immersive space so be prepared to lose time. east

Fest Avi 2018 was an incredible sight to see

Tonight I got the pleasure of witnessing one of the most amazing virtual and visual art performances I have ever seen, FestAvi La Finale. la finale

OpenBuggy Coin Hunt [OpenSim Life Grid]

Had a great time last night with the Opensim Life gang collecting coins with our buggies. oasis

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